Owner of the Bakery, Pam Regentin, believes that she has the right to deny this lesbian couple a wedding cake because it goes against her religious beliefs. 

Regardless of her beliefs, it is against Oregon law to discriminate against sexual orientation. 

It is okay that the owner does not agree with or accept same-sex marriage - she has the right and is entitled to her own opinions and beliefs. However, her beliefs do not entitle her to try and change or control other peoples lives. This discrimination and disrespect is what’s causing problems in the world and it needs to stop. 

Although the owner does not AGREE and/or ACCEPT same-sex marriage, she should still treat her customers equally and with respect. 

This is our message - RESPECT DIFFERENCES regardless of whether you agree and/or accept them or not. 

Help spread this message around so that we can end all of the fights, riots, lawsuits, and discrimination.